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Southeast Alaska – The Perfect Escape From Everyday Life

April 21st, 2022

All across the nation, families are starting to draw up vacation plans for the coming summer months, anxiously anticipating their next opportunity to escape from their everyday lives and the monotony of working and commuting. Some people will be thinking about staying close to home, whereas other people will be planning truly extensive travel plans. For those folks really intent on getting a breath of fresh air and restoring a little peace and calm in their lives and in their souls, there’s no need to look anywhere else besides southeast Alaska, a territory with some of the most remarkable natural and cultural traits just waiting to spellbind newcomers.

There are so many excellent southeast Alaska hotels that there is no need to fear having to rough it in a camp amid grizzly bears and bald eagles (for those people not into the frontiersman lifestyle, that is). And, better yet, the prices not only of hotels but of just about anything you could imagine are well within reason and far below the kinds of prices to be had in other major tourist destinations, especially urban zones. Southeast Alaska is humble in that sense, staying true to its history and heritage.

The Panhandle, as southeast Alaska is known, is chockfull of natural beauty and enticing, fascinating native tribal cultures, and preservation of both the natural and cultural heritage of the region is a top priority for the locals and the state government. In this sense, visitors will find that southeast Alaska hotels are cleverly designed to compliment the natural surroundings-even when they’re in the city! Respect for nature reigns supreme out in these parts of the country, and it is precisely that sort of attitude that will have visitors feeling so replenished when they pack up to head back home.

Most of the southeast Alaska hotels that are available for lodging happen to be in the small towns and cities dotting the region, such as Juneau (one of the largest cities and the state capital), Skagway, or Haines. Getting from one to the other is relatively easy and also a whole lot of fun, as out in these parts travel is often done by boat or by plane, not only as a practical question but also to exploit the great sightseeing opportunities that abound in this region of Alaska.